What is PR?

‘Everything you say or do is Public Relations’.

Okay… that is great, but what does it mean? If someone had never had any experience with Public Relations, it would come as no surprise that they would be confused. 

To put it simply; Public Relations is all about effective communication between a client and their target audience. There are multiple levels and branches of Public Relations, with a key focus of building and maintaining a public image and reputation. 

Public Relations is sending the right message, to the right people, at the right time. 

Why is Public Relations important?

Public Relations has the power to change the future of your brand. It can affect how you are perceived within the industry and amongst the public and in turn influence how successful your brand is. Every organisation has their own story to tell which will interest the media, how that story is delivered will ultimately determine the way in which people think about your brand.  

Public Relations is vital to the communication process between brands and their publics. It assists brands to establish credibility, enhance reputation, expand reach and grow within their industry. 

How is Public Relations different from marketing and advertising?

Okay, okay. We understand, it can be confusing. Many people mistake Public Relations for Marketing or Advertising, but whilst these three industries often interlace with each other, there are some clear differences that set them apart. The main difference being within each industry’s primary focus. 

So, let’s lay it out for you:

Public Relations places emphasis on cultivating relationships and communication between a brand (whether an organisation or individual) and their chosen publics. 

Marketing, on the other hand focuses on the promotion of a particular product or service, in order to build revenue. While the key objectives of Public Relations may be to increase your customer base and sales, it isn’t an intrinsic link like marketing.   

Further; Advertising is a communication tool that encourages the consumer to act, often to partake in a certain activity or purchase. 

The put it bluntly; marketing and advertising are you paying and saying that you are the best. Public Relations is about deploying multiple media channels, journalists and influencers to advocate for your brand and say you are the best!

How Public Relations has changed in the past few years…

PR, you’ve changed. 

Now, we are not being dramatic when we say Public Relations has changed more in the last 5 years, than in the past 30 years combined. 

A number of factors have influenced Public Relations to evolve, and at the forefront of it all is the ‘digital shift’.

But the internet has been around for years’, we hear you protest, and yes; you would be correct. However, the past 5 years has seen a boom in social media and the potential it holds for businesses. Social media platforms have become the ultimate business playground. 

Similarly, the importance of ‘influencers’ is on the rise, and whilst journalists and traditional media are still vital to this industry, influencers have the consumer’s ear. This ever-expanding social landscape requires insight into which networks, topics and content the target publics prefer, in order to gain their interest and participation. 

We are living in an ‘always-on’ society, where consumers expect information instantaneously, as it is unfolding. They have become accustomed to real-time, accurate data. 

Public Relations has had to adjust to this accelerating shift to an instantaneous, digital, mobile and connected culture, one that to this day is still evolving and changing. 


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