Image is everything, and a positive reputation helps build your brand!

Need to get the word out about your brand? Lucky for you, we are specialists in building and generating positive publicity, editorial and press, having generated over hundreds of millions of dollars in editorial for our clients over the years.

With an experienced team, we can assist you in obtaining constant on-target coverage in mainstream, niche and all relevant media outlets for you and your brand.

Our strong relationships with journalists locally, nationwide, as well as internationally, are parallel to none and will ensure to help get your story out there.

This adds great credibility to any brand, product or person, positioning you and your brand as a key authority in your industry which will help you attract new business opportunities and aid in generating sales.

Publique Agency will write and distribute your media releases, materials and announcements to all relevant media across the country and internationally.

Our approach to this may be by product seeding (getting your product or brand in the right people's hands) as well as product placement (having your brand or product featured in media outlets and magazines) and/or running free media giveaways where your brand gets exposure by leveraging mutually beneficial giveaways.

If you are interested in running an advertising program alongside your PR campaign, Publique Agency will work with you to undertake media buying and advertising, and negotiate editorial opportunities through your marketing campaign.

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