“You need to be prepared for today’s media culture, in which a tweet can become newsworthy and a news interview can become tweet-worthy.” - Brad Phillips.

The best way to navigate a crisis is to be prepared.

However, if you find yourself in the midst of an unanticipated crisis, our team are skilled to help deliver the vitally important messages using the appropriate media vehicles to mitigate and avoid as much damage possible to your brand.

The worst thing you can do in a crisis is to go silent. This doesn’t allow for the crisis to be managed from the front.

If you do not have communications going to the media in a timely manner, for their stories, they will go out on their own accord and publish stories that may not be true, factual or correct.

This can cause unnecessary reputational damage, hence, why we devise a crisis communication plan in order to limit the damage to your brand if a crisis were to occur.

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