JUDE A/W18 In-Store Launch

Australian artisan label, JUDE, introduces new A/W collection titled ‘Tourmaline’, breathing dark romance from Melbourne.

Australian artisan fashion house, JUDE, has just launched their latest collection titled Tourmaline. The A/W18 collection features a darkly romantic tale of the protective power of dressing up, using clothing as a talisman to reconnect with one’s identity.

Melbourne based Founder and Designer, Jude Ng, said of the namesake label’s new A/W range, “In this collection, we create a harmonious narrative between angular and soft, dystopia and comfort, strength and vulnerability.”

With the idea of creating sculptural shapes which organically mould around and compliment the human form, the collection juxtaposes sharp linear structures against soft draping and curved shapes, with the JUDE signature asymmetrical aesthetic and distinctive consideration of proportions, breathing new life into classic pieces.

Jewelled tones from the natural world are captured in a palette of umber, garnet, prussian lagoon, moody turquoise and verdant moss to evoke a mood of warmth, luxury and comfort. These sumptuous colours are balanced by JUDE’s restrained staple palette of obsidian, granite, charcoal, dove grey and sepia to bring grounding to the collection.

The A/W18 campaign weaves a dark tale of two disparate characters brought together by their yearning to return to a golden age while being trapped in a dystopian future.  They travel through an abstract and barren landscape of contrasts, trying to reconnect with their identity by wearing clothing which represents their ideals of a return to a happier time, where they felt protected by nature. They are shielded by what they wear, bravely traveling through new and unexplored territory.

The collection in many ways functions like the protective power of the tourmaline stone itself, the warm, tactile textures, rich colours, and functional, sculpted shapes are layered together to create versatile outfits with longevity, fortifying the wearer as they travel through their daily life.

Fabricated in sumptuous natural fibres such as Italian wool viscose, winter weight pontis, heavy linens and soft cotton melange knits, any individual who wears JUDE will be able to experience the luxurious tactile pieces first hand, and discover Melbourne made artisanal craftsmanship at its finest.

JUDE | 252 Johnston Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Client: JUDE
Date: May 25, 2018
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