Good Earth Dairy

Good Earth Dairy, is a one-of-a-kind Aussie company to produce Pure Australian Camel Milk, which is coined to be the next superfood trend!

A one-of-a-kind Aussie company, Good Earth Dairy is one of the finest producers of Pure Australian Camel Milk, known for a variety of health benefits that traditional cows do not provide.

Good Earth Dairy was founded, after a major opportunity in the market and dairy industry to disrupt the industry, as the purity of camel milk is an easy-to-digest dairy product that tastes similar to cow’s milk, without the allergens and environmental impacts.

Marcel said, “Camel milk has some of the best nutritional and hypoallergenic properties but suffered because of the high cost of production.”

The journey of Good Earth Dairy began when Co-Founder and cameleer, Stephen Geppert, recognised their sunburnt country was rich in a major natural resource that’s historically been ignored and wasted. You guessed it! Camel milk. Camels were originally introduced to this great southern land almost 180 years ago in a bid to help open up the Aussie Outback.

Today, Australia is home to the largest wild camel population in the world. Their isolation has ensured it’s also the healthiest herd on the planet, one that provides a superior milk that’s been hailed as a superfood.

“We recognised camel milk to be a major disruptor to the dairy industry and we knew we were capable of developing innovations to reduce production costs and thus transform the industry”, said Marcel.

The company has also just launched its EOI for a second crowdfund on Australian platform, Birchal, and is looking to equity raise a minimum of $1million, after breaking an Australian record during its first crowdfunding campaign.

For more information: www.goodearthdairy.com.au

Client: Good Earth Dairy
Date: January 17, 2021
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