City of Ink

After going through a change of ownership, renovation and refurb, City of Ink is now relaunched under the new ownership and direction of Jake King, recently retired Richmond football player.

“Can’t read properly they said, dropped out of school they said, there’s not much hope for him they said.” These are the comments people said to Jake King a lot growing up, and he has spent a lot of his life proving them wrong.

It’s this strength of character that has pushed him to pursue what he loves, and why Jake decided to purchase tattoo parlour, City of Ink.

You’ll find Jake running City of Ink like a well-oiled machine. From taking care of the business side including consultations, bookings, marketing and advertising and has built City of Ink to be an environment that is as comfortable as possible for their clients, with talented tattoo artists and staff on hand who are always polite and respectful.

Jake King said, “I’m proud to have built a business that’s like a family, and our clients and guests are always welcome in our home.”

Whether you are getting new ink or just want to share stories, City of Ink’s doors are always open and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Date: September 20, 2016
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