Publique Agency is a full-service integrated communications, public relations and activations agency.

We strive for creativity to achieve cut-through results for our clients’ brands by doing things differently.

We build the hype, while creating bang for your buck and bringing to life memorable experiences for your brand’s customers.



From small to large campaigns, we have a history of digging gold and diamonds for the people we work with.

As our name suggests, we are an agency that is solely focused on people. The people within your company, that surround your brand and that give you your success.

The team at Publique Agency are avid consumers of new technology and remain at the forefront of the latest innovations when it comes to getting the word out about you.



Our expertise spans across all traditional mediums of the media, as well as new age and digital media.

We cater to clients within the retail, consumer, lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, health and beauty industries.

We are fully equipped to master your individual strategy and put the full force of owned, earned and paid media to use while putting your brand on the map.